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Fitness belt 5P Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt-Resistance Bands for Women Butt and Legs, Workout Bands for Women, Fabric Booty Resistance Bands Set, Glute Bands for Women, Exercise Bands

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Product Description:

1.5 resistance bands include: made of 100% natural latex. There are 5 different resistance levels: X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy. They are suitable for beginners or experienced exercise athletes

2. Efficient exercise: Circulating resistance band can improve exercise effect. Used for a range of exercises, from hip and hip activation, strength techniques to seamless integration with every exercise program such as yoga and Pilates.

3. Multi-function: The resistance band suit can be used to exercise various parts of muscles such as arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs. It is also suitable for physical therapy, recovery or increasing mobility.

4. Gym in your pocket: exercise belts take up a small space, so you can use them at home, or you can carry them with you, such as in the office, on vacation, or even squatting down while watching TV at home.

5. Included items: 5 sports loops with color-coded resistance levels, portable tote bag and instruction manual.